Our Wedding Date: April 8, 2016


Melissa and Kelly met at their place of work in May 2012. It wasn't love at first site, but they struck up an easy friendship. When Kelly got moved to the night shift it definitely made Melissa feel sad because their joking around would make her day go faster. Melissa would email Kelly on the long days and ask him to tell a funny story. It was always a great start to her day when she'd come in and have a great story to read.

Everyone around Melissa and Kelly saw that there were feelings and that they were very compatible with each other. Finally, after postponing once, Melissa met Kelly for Happy Hour. She was worried, since they worked with each other, but the conversation and laughing flowed so easily she realized she had nothing to worry about.

Over 2 years later, while many other things have changed, the laughter has not. They laugh so much, sometimes they wonder if people think they're crazy. They are crazy in one way, they are crazy about each other. They are excited to go through life with the person who makes them smile even when the other is driving the other crazy. Cheers to a Blessed Life full of love and laughter.

P.S. We are so excited for all of you to celebrate our love and future with us!

Much love

Melissa and Kelly